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Best Happy Diwali Whatsapp Status 2017

Happy Diwali Whatsapp Status 2017

On this day, the whole house and the market have been decorated with lights and lamps. Children are very happy on this day because they buy new clothes parents and children also buy sweets, blooms, and crackers. Enjoy and share best Happy Diwali Whatsapp Status 2017.

Happy Diwali 2017 Whatsapp Status

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 Happy Diwali Facebook Status 2017

The reason behind this Diwali Ram Chandra or can say shri ram get the biggest win against the Lanka king Ravan one Another reason related to Sikhism. This festival is celebrated by people of the Sikh community as well, even after their 6th Guru Sri Hargobind ji is freed from the Gwalior Jail, which was in captivity of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir.

Happy Diwali Whatsapp Status 2017
Happy Diwali Quotes 2017

 Happy Diwali Facebook Status 2017

Some people greet their best buddies and family on their app, Whatsapp and social networking website, their best Diwali in Hindi and also meet them with their greetings.hope you can enjoy this Happy Diwali 2017 Whatsapp Status

Happy Diwali Whatsapp Status 2017 in Hindi

Aap Ki Muskaan Kabhee Hothon Se Na Chhoote,
Duniya Mein Aapse Kabhe Koi na Roothe,
Meharaban Ho Khuda App Par Itana Ki,
Aasamaan Mein Tare Bhe Aapki Marjazi Toote.

Wish Buddies To Happy Diwali Through Whatsapp Status.

Diwali Parv hai Khushiyon Ka, Ujalo Ka, Lakshmi Ka,
Is Diwali Aap Ki Jindagi Khushiyon Se Bhar Jae, Ghar Par Ma Lakshmi Ka Aagaman Ho.

Wishing You Happy Diwali 2017

Prakaash Parv Diwali-Apane Parivarjano,
Mitron Aur Shubhchintakon Ke Lie Sukh, Samrddhi,
Shaanti Aur Dhan-vabah Dayak Ho
Isee Kaamana Ke Saath Deepaavalee Ki Haardik Shubhakaamanaen.

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Wishing You A Very Happy Prosperous Diwali. Happy Diwali 2017

Roshani Ka Yeh Tyohaar Har Chehare Par Laye Muskaan Sukh Aur Samrddhi Ki Baahar Le Kar Aye ye Tyohar . Aap Sabi Ko Diwali Mubaarak.

Happy Diwali Whatsapp Status 2017

Jamane Bhar Kee Yaaden Mujhe Bhula Na Dena,
Jab Kabhee Yaad Aye To Zara Muskura Lena, Zinda Rahen To Phir Milege,
Varana Diwali Mein Ek Diya Mera Naam Bhee Jala Lena ..


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